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The SA Boerperd is a comfortable riding horse, capable of a three- or five- gait. The horse is suitable for all riders and must have sufficient stamina to complete a full days work without tiring the rider. The horse is performing well on the sports field, in the show arena, endurance rides and harness.

The SA Boerperd, has a loving and trustworthy nature and even temperament and is highly intelligent. On the farm the SA Boerperd has ample working power as a utility horse for tasks like the herding and driving of livestock in different terrain, and it is able to endure extreme weather conditions.

The SA Boerperd is a very fertile horse with outstanding motherly instincts and they rear their off spring easily on the veld.


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Type: Symmetrical conformation. Balanced animal, alert and aristocratic with a fiery and proud appearance. Slightly curled mane and tail.

Quality : Good skin and hair quality

Temperament: Calm, ambitious, trustworthy and alert. Willing to serve its master

Movement: Moderately high, long gait that covers ground.

Head : The anterior appearance is a flat broad forehead between prominent eyes. The ears are of medium length, sharp pointed and reasonably close together. The profile must be straight or slightly concave with a deep jaw which is well defined. Cheeks must be well-muscled but not fleshy.

Neck: A well formed neck of average length.

Shoulder : A good slanting shoulder with prominent withers.

Belly and flanks: Broad and well-muscled, strong with well developed loin. Well developed rig cage with capacity

Legs: Strong, dry and well-muscled legs with hard hoofs.

Hind Quarter: Well-muscled, long, strong down to the thigh. Must appear broad and rounded from the back.

Height: 14 - 16 hands


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